Friday, September 25, 2015

After finally agreeing on which game proposal we wanted to bring to fruition, we have spent the last week trying to build a solid framework for the game. It has proved to be quite the challenge for everyone to agree on which direction to take the game as there are many possibilities to choose from. We have had no shortage of input from anyone as everyone is excited to critique the game. We met at the library to further elaborate on our game design and made a lot of progress with formulating the structure and design of the game. We also researched where to find physical playing cards that we could customize and found that they are easily available on

Other than working on our game, we spent the last class period playing the game San Juan. The game started off a bit intimidating as there were many rules and procedures that we had to discuss and understand in order to properly play the game. It seemed like this game was not going to be a fan favorite. After finally getting the hang of it, we actually had a lot of fun playing it and we are looking forward to playing the next round of it this week.

This week was our last "slow week" as we know that we are going to be very busy in the coming weeks in order to produce our prototype. While we sometimes disagree with the direction we want to take certain parts of the game, we are very confident and very happy with the progress we have and will continue to make. We are excited to see what the coming weeks will bring for our game design!

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