Friday, September 18, 2015

Team Leader

Coming up with a game proposal is not the easiest thought process. Also, only being given a week to come up with an idea sounds absurd because in reality, yes a game creator can come up with an idea in a week but it can be a good/bad idea. Since no one in our group has ever made a game before, it was challenging to come up with something however, we each did come up with an idea and brought it to class to share.

We had to start by picking a team leader at random. This did not work so well because some people did not want to be a leader and some thought they could do it better. But it is understandable because the leader has the ultimate choice and it may not seem as though, but it's nerve-racking. So we each somewhat helped the leader in leading the group, therefore, we worked pretty collaboratively I would say. We started with the team leader sharing his idea, and then we worked clockwise.

This, in my opinion was probably the most difficult because it was time for criticism. I know for a fact, people criticize all day everyday, sometimes without realizing it. However, when it comes to people you have just met, it can be awkward. It seems like you're only dissing their game but if you really think about it, you're dissing their creativity too and basically when you comment on the game and why you don't think its a good idea, the creator will think "wow, it actually took me a while to think about this and they hate it." so yeah, it is hard.

After criticizing the games. It was easy to narrow it down to 2 of the 4 games. The best part about these games is that, they are both based off of reality situations and the idea of the game gives it its uniqueness. It is not a game you would have really ever expected to be able to play as a card game. But these last two games was so hard to choose between. The reason behind that though is, everyone knew what they wanted to choose, but then again, the proposal not chosen can effect the producer because his/her card game was not chosen. One game had more of a way to play it versus the other one and that is the game our group went for.

At this point, I think we are all just really excited to start working on the project and make this game come to life.

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