Friday, October 16, 2015

A Journey Comes to an End

The final week of our card game building endeavor proved to be the most challenging but also the most rewarding week of our journey. After receiving helpful feedback from our peers last week, we decided to change our rule regarding our savings. We came to the conclusion that all players may have up to 8 gems that they can utilize for bidding and any additional gems they acquire during the game must be reserved in their savings until the end of the game. This solution also solved our dilemma of when two players tie during bidding. In the event of a tie, the two players can withdrawal gems from their savings in order to rebid. After those issues were resolved, it was time to assemble our game.

Our first meeting was held on Sunday where we spent time outlining our schedule in order to complete the project. We agreed that on Monday all of our customer cards must be created and ready to go and by Wednesday everything must be printed, laminated, and prepared for submission. When Monday came around, our Google Drive was successfully filled with all of our customer cards. On Wednesday, we ran into our first obstacle. Our dimensions were incorrect on our customer cards and they looked very blurry when we printed them. Without the ability to alter the size on our original design, we were forced to redo every single customer card from scratch. Wednesday wasn’t a total disaster as we were able to print, glue, and assemble our action cards.

Thursday we recreated all of our customer cards and printed them out to run into our second obstacle. The playing cards we were using to give them extra weight were showing through our cream colored playing card. We decided to place an extra piece of paper in between which solved the problem. After a little extra gluing, we were ready for assembly. Once the cards were glued and ready, we headed over to Staples to get our cards laminated. After an hour and a half and $30 later, our cards were laminated and looked great!

The last step of the operation was to cut out the laminated cards which led us to our final problem. After spending hours cutting out the cards, we noticed that the extra layer of paper we used on the customer cards weren’t glued enough to remain completely attached and the edges started to peal. A little bit of extra glue yet again sealed the deal.

The last week of our project involved hours of meticulous work but we are very happy with the outcome of our cards. When we originally came up with our game design 5 weeks ago, we never actually thought our concept would come to fruition and be printed and playable. Not only did we achieve our goal, we exceeded our expectations. It was a job well done by all!

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