Thursday, October 1, 2015

First prototype

Last week we worked on the very basic structure of our game. We had a basic idea of how the cards were gonna look like and how the game would go. So this week we wanted to have a more solid structure of the game. We wanted to turn the game from just an idea on paper to an actual playable game. Unfortunately one of our team members couldn’t make it to class. That member was the one that had the game proposal, so we weren’t really able to further work on the game during class. So we just decide to meet up during the week in order to have more time to work on the game as a group. Meanwhile in class we would work on how the cards are going to look like. At the end of the class we finished working on the design of the cards, we also figured out how many cards we are going to have and the different type of decks are going to have.

Mid-week we were able to meet up at the library where we made very good progress on finalizing the first prototype of the game. We had a very productive brainstorming meeting where we were able to finish the main structure of the game that makes the first prototype playable. After bringing all the parts together we had one part left to work on, which was what goes on the actual cards. For that we needed more time to think about. So we decided to make an online document that everyone has an access to and everyone can go anytime to add content to the cards. Using that document we were able to finish the cards in less than a day. Finally we added the content to the cards, got the tokens that we needed for the game and at that point we have successfully finished the prototype.

Now that we finished the first prototype we are all very excited to see our game come to life. This week in class we should play our game for the very first time. While it may not be fully developed, we are still very excited to finally get to play Labebe!

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