Sunday, October 11, 2015


I never thought the final to this project would come to an end. I think this week was probably the hardest week on us. Because we let a couple of weeks, of not working as hard as we should have go by, we were stuck with the hardest parts. There were so many problems in our game that needed to be solved and every time we thought we solved it, a new problem would evolve Our two biggest issues were trying to even out the cards so not one would over power the other. Also, trying to solve what would we do if two people bid the same amount, who would get what? To do so, we had to add a completely new aspect to the game. Now we have a choice in the beginning of the game to start a savings account and the money in the savings are the only gems that can be used to rebid and count towards your final score. A good part about this savings is, we've set it so that each player can only use up to a maximum of 8 gems. any more has to go into the savings and be used towards the final score. That really helped out to even the bidding process and the tie issue.

This week was the first week our group was able to all meet together and I think we did such a great job. When you have everyone in the group participating, the work load is surprisingly a lot less. The time not only moves quicker but so do our ideas and final product. This week is the most productive we have ever been. We finished all we could possibly do together and eventually assigned parts to do for each person because the day was coming to an end. There is still that fear that the game might not work so we want to set it up for some people to play and test it out before we hand in our final proposal. After that its just putting everything together and making it look nice. If we were able to get through the hard part together, I'm sure the presentation will not be such an obstacle for us.

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